Who is the new Speaker? | IPT

A new Speaker of the House of Commons has been elected. But what do we know about him?

Lindsay Hoyle has won the election as the new Speaker of the House of Commons. Overall, there were four rounds of voting. In each round the candidates that either received the lowest number of votes or failed to achieve at least 5% of the total vote share were eliminated. Meg Hillier, Edward Leigh, Rosie Winterton, Harriet Harman and Eleanor Laing were all knocked-out before Hoyle eventually triumphed in the last round of voting. In a straight choice between Hoyle and Chris Bryant, he won by 325 votes to 213.

So, what exactly do we know about the new Speaker? He was first elected in 1997 as the MP for Chorley, the constituency in which he was born. He has politics in his blood; his dad, Doug Hoyle, was an MP and now a Labour Peer, Hoyle also served as a councillor in Chorley before being elected as an MP. From 2010 he served as Deputy Speaker, holding the official title of Chairman of Ways and Means.

In the run up to the Speaker election, it was this experience that Hoyle used to argue why he was the best person for the job. He is seen as someone who has taken the issue of bullying and harassment in Parliament very seriously and is likely to oversee drastic changes in this area during his tenure. He hinted there might be further changes when he used his acceptance speech, where he laid down a commitment to being neutral and transparent, to warn “this House will change, but it will change for the better”.

Despite the speculation over his style, on his first day as Speaker, in the style typical of his predecessor, he allowed Dominic Grieve to ask an Urgent Question. This aroused the suggestion that he may be another Speaker who will strongly support Parliament backbenchers in holding the Government to account.

He said the below about the IPT:

“Since its creation in 1977, by the then Speaker of the House of Commons (Speaker George Thomas), the IPT has provided an important non-lobbying and non-political platform for Members from both Houses to gain a deeper understanding of the issues facing UK business. Through its Business Fellowship Programme, along with the events and training they deliver within Parliament, the Trust continues to work tirelessly to achieve its main goal of creating a more business-informed Parliament.

As the new Speaker of the House of Commons and President of the IPT, I am grateful for the work the IPT does and I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming years.”