UK Economic Diplomacy Priorities Post-Brexit | IPT

The Lord Mayor was introduced by Heather Wheeler MP, the Minister for Asia and the Pacific, who spoke about recent visits to countries she is responsible for maintaining and improving economic diplomatic ties with. She spoke of her belief of existing mutual opportunities for trade and investment now and in the future.

The Lord Mayor went on to address the room of business leaders and Members from both the House of Commons and House of Lords. He echoed much of Heather Wheeler’s sentiment and spoke of his own recent visits promoting the City of London’s opportunities abroad.

Focussing on the financial services sector, the Lord Mayor spoke about the opportunities to invest in green and sustainable finance. Notably, he has recently spent time in Kenya and South Africa to explore the possibilities of inclusive and sustainable growth from London investment.

Following the speeches, both Heather Wheeler and the Lord Mayor of London spoke with those in room about their thoughts of the UK’s global opportunities and prospects at this critical time.