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At the 2019 General Election we were sorry to see seven individuals who had engaged with the IPT Fellowship Programme lose their seat before completion or lost their seat after completing the programme.


Nic Dakin –  Labour MP for Scunthorpe 2010-2019

Nic Dakin served as the Labour MP for Scunthorpe since 2010. Nic held the position of Shadow Deputy Leader after being Opposition Whip for 4 years. He then became Shadow Minister for Schools until June 2016 before returning to the Whips’ Office later that year.

Nic began his Fellowship in January 2017 wanting to further his understanding of Energy, Transport, Financial Services and Aerospace to gain an overall understanding of a variety of industries to support his role in the commons. During his time on the programme he visited AB Ports, Drax Power, Cadent Gas and UK Power Reserve. 


Faisal Rashi d – Labour MP for Warrington South 2017-2019

Faisal Rashid was elected in 2017 after unseating the incumbent Conservative MP. He chaired the APPGs for Trade Justice, Healthcare Infrastructure and Business Support and Engagement. He also sat on the International Trade Select Committee.

Faisal started his Fellowship in March 2018 to learn more about the manufacturing, aerospace, trade, and media sectors. He was particularly interested in exports and the challenges companies faced in the immediate and long-term future. Faisal visited a variety of businesses including BBC, Sellafield, Royal Mail and Tate & Lyle Sugars.


Anna Turley – Labour MP for Redcar 2015-2019

Anna was elected in 2015 having won the seat of Redcar from the Liberal Democrats. She was appointed to the Home Affairs Select Committee in July 2015 and held a position on the BEIS Committee from October 2016. She also served as Shadow Civil Society Minister from September 2015 until June 2016. Finally, she was also the chair for the APPG on Hydrogen and Secretary of APPG for Steel and Metal Related Industry.

Anna began her Fellowship in March 2016 to better understand local industries important to Redcar, including green industries (hydrogen/low carbon), manufacturing, engineering and automotive. She was able to visit 3M, Nissan, Drax Power and BOC during her time on the programme.

 Chris Leslie – The Independent Group for Change MP for Nottingham East 2010-2019

Chris was first elected as the MP for Shipley from 1997 until 2005 and returned to Parliament in 2010. During his first Parliament he was Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office as well as the first PPS for Regeneration and Regional Development and then PPS for Constitutional Affairs. In February 2019 Chris alongside six other Labour MPs formed a breakaway group from Labour under which he contested the December election.

During his Fellowship Chris wanted to better understand financial services with a specific interest in trading and the effect of Brexit. Starting his Fellowship in March 2017 Chris was able to visit a variety of financial services including Santander, St James’s Wealth Management, HSBC and Barclays.


 Eleanor Smith – Labour MP for Wolverhampton South West 2017-2019

Eleanor Smith was elected in 2017 gaining the Wolverhampton South West seat back for Labour. She was a member of the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee and the co-chair of both the APPGs on Obesity and Adult Social Care.

She began her Fellowship in September 2018 wanting to learn more about skills programmes for young people in digital media, technology, and STEM. She visited ITV, Bayer and Channel 4 as part of her programme.


Angela Smith – Lib Dem MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge 2005-2019

Angela was first elected in 2005 as the MP for Sheffield Hillsborough until 2010. After constituency boundaries changed, she was elected to the newly formed Penistone and Stocksbridge. She was first appointed as an Opposition Whip and was later promoted to Shadow Deputy Leader from 2011 until 2014. After breaking away from the Labour Party in early 2019 Angela joined the Liberal Democrats standing in Altrincham and Sale West.


Angela first completed a Fellowship in 2005 completing a Company Fellowship with 3M to further understand the decision making of businesses and what drives them to make those decisions. Angela later approached the Trust in 2013 to further her understanding of food production, biodiversity and sustainability particularly how the industry responds to the many environmental challenges it faces.


Susan Elan Jones – Labour MP for Clwyd South 2010-2019

Susan was elected as the MP for Clwyd South in 2010. She served as PPS to Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, from 2015-16 Susan was the Shadow Minister for Wales and finally she was a Whip from 2011-15. She was Co-Chair of the APPG for Charities and Volunteering since 2012.

Susan applied for a Fellowship in August 2016 and completed the programme in June 2019. She wanted to explore a Fellowship in Corporate Social Responsibility and community investment. As part of the programme Susan visited the Co-Operative Group, Nationwide, Lloyds Banking Group and Building Societies Association.


We would like to thank all MPs who are no longer returning for their commitment and dedication to their Fellowship, we hope that the time they spent with the trust helped in their role as a Member of Parliament. We would also like to thank Paul Williams (Labour MP for Stockton South 2017-2019) who had applied for the programme in 2018 but, due to the many commitments of the house, was unable to attend a visit before the General Election was called.