IPT Parliamentary Training Goes Virtual | IPT

As the country is rapidly adjusting to a new way of living and working, one that is administered through webcams and small, pixelated versions of faces we recognise as our colleagues. The IPT has adjusted too. We are now offering a digital variety of our popular parliamentary training. As always, this training will be free of charge to IPT supporters.

The IPT sets out to build a platform of trusted engagement of shared knowledge between the business community and policy makers. This is more difficult than normal to do at the moment, but we believe that our training is one way we can continue to achieve this.

We encourage you to get in touch if you think you or your team would benefit from taking a broad look at Parliament, its composition, role, and processes. If your team’s Parliament knowledge is already sound, we can also provide training on specific aspects like select committees or the formation of legislation.

If it is not possible to get a group together, we have two upcoming sessions for mixed groups. Please feel free to attend or send one of your team along to these:

  • Tuesday 26 May - 3pm: Select Committees
  • Thursday 28 May - 3pm: Legislation

If you would like to find out more, or schedule a session for your team, or RSVP to a date please contact Greg Kay, Training Coordinator, on GregKay@ipt.org.uk.