Events roundup: July 2019 | IPT

We hosted just three events in July as we, as well as Parliament, start to wind down for the summer recess. The three events were fairly typical of the topics that have dominated our events and many parliamentary debates.

First, we considered technology and specifically the rollout of 5G in the UK. Then, in our penultimate event, we inevitably discussed Brexit, specifically the UK’s trade and export policy after we have left the European Union. Rounding up our events for the term was an event that looked at sustainability and the UK’s role in combatting climate change through its offshore wind sector. The prominence of these sectors are not only important in counteracting climate change but also promise to create new, skilled jobs for parts of the UK that are in need of them.

We have already started constructing the events for our next term where many of these pressing topics will occur again. You can see all our confirmed events so far here.

Connecting and Collaborating

On Monday 01 July 2019, the Industry and Parliament Trust hosted a dinner discussion entitled ‘Success Through Collaboration: Delivering 5G Leadership for the UK’. The dinner was chaired by Darren Jones MP, Select Committee on Science and Technology, and he was joined by Mark Evans, Chief Executive Officer at O2 Telefonica UK. The discussion focused on the risks and opportunities presented by 5G.

The attendees discussed:

  • How the United Kingdom’s digital infrastructure and innovation compares to other countries and what we can learn to advance in the sector
  • The regional and rural disparities in provision of connectivity across the UK and how the industry, government and local stakeholders can address this
  • Discussed the benefits and negatives of the current competition and cyber security strategy in the telecommunications sector.

Trade in full: the UK’s trade and exports post-Brexit

On Monday 08 July 2019, the IPT hosted a Dinner Discussion entitled ‘Britain’s Trade and Exports Post-Brexit’ in the House of Commons. The event was chaired by Kirsty Blackman MP, SNP Deputy Leader in Westminster and Spokesperson on Economy. She was joined by guest speakers Wilson Del Socorro, Global Director of Government Affairs for Diageo and Shanella Rajanayagam, Trade Economist for HSBC. The Dinner was attended by members of the House of Commons and House of Lords alongside representatives from industry.

The attendees discussed:

  • The existing plans for the future UK-EU trading relationship
  • The opportunities presented by trading arrangements with emerging markets and how the UK could boost its export share
  • The role that trade is services play in UK trade policy and how this can be consolidated post-Brexit.

Spin to win? supercharging the UK’s offshore wind sector

On Tuesday 09 July 2019, the Industry and Parliament Trust hosted a breakfast meeting on ‘Supercharging the UK’s Offshore Wind Sector’. The discussion was hosted by Peter Aldous MP, the Chair of the Intelligent Energy APPG, and was joined by speakers Richard Crossick, Public Affairs Manager at Ørsted, and Professor Martin Foster, Professor of Energy Storage and Conversion at the University of Sheffield. The central theme explored at the breakfast was the role of offshore wind in the UK’s low carbon energy future.

The attendees discussed:

  • The durability of current offshore wind infrastructure and the long-term strategy for maintaining and replacing wind turbines in the UK
  • The trade and export opportunities available to the UK, particularly on collaborative projects with other countries
  • The effectiveness, manageability and local impact of different size scaled offshore wind farms.