The Future Trade of UK Services Post-Brexit | IPT
Chair: Richard Graham MP, Select Committee on Exiting the European Union
Speaker: Simon Davis, Vice President, The Law Society
Speaker: Conor Lawlor, Principal, International & Brexit Policy, UK Finance
Dinner Discussion


Tuesday 11 December 2018


House of Commons

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The UK is the second largest exporter of services in the world. A majority of these services are non-financial, such as aviation, education, or professional services including accountancy and law. The EU is a significant trading partner in these services, receiving 39% of the UK’s non-financial services exports. Many UK-based service companies who do not work outside the UK are reliant on trade with the EU as part of complex supply chains. With the services sector shrinking in 2018 for the first time since 2010, how can the UK maintain a strong services sector post-Brexit? 


This dinner discussion will:

  • Discuss the future trade of services with the EU after Brexit
  • Consider how negations on a trade agreement with the EU for services are in a unique position, as rules and regulations will be fully harmonised at the point of departure
  • Explore how the movement of persons influences the trade in services and how this will be effected by leaving the single market.