Securing the UK’s Financial Services Sector Post-Brexit | IPT
Chair: Harriett Baldwin MP, House of Commons
Speaker: Nick Collier, Managing Director, City of London Corporation’s Brussels Office
Speaker: Rebecca Park, Managing Director of Corporate Affairs, UK Finance
Dinner Discussion


Monday 24 February 2020


House of Commons

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The United Kingdom is a leading global centre for financial services and in 2018 the sector contributed £131.9 billion to the UK economy representing 6.9% of the total. The sector employs 1.1 million people across the country, primarily in London, and represents over 30% of all foreign direct investment into the UK. The UK’s financial services sector is the largest in Europe, nearly three times the size of either France or Germany’s sectors. In late 2019 the Government introduced a new Financial Services Bill intended to ensure that the UK maintains ‘world-leading regulatory standards’ and remains open to international markets after Brexit. As the UK exits the European Union, what can be done to retain the UK’s position as a leading financial services centre?

This dinner discussion will:

  • Discuss how to retain the UK’s competitive advantage and growth opportunities post-Brexit
  • Consider the interim Financial Skills Task Force report and how to access to a highly skilled workforce in the future
  • Explore the regulatory framework required for new innovations such as FinTech.