Global Britain: Renewing UK-India Trade Post-Brexit | IPT
Chair: The Lord Bilimoria CBE DL, House of Lords
Speaker: Jim Bligh, Director of Corporate Affairs, Tata Consultancy Service and Chair, Confederation of Indian Industry
Speaker: Professor Ashley Braganza, Deputy Dean and Professor of Business Transformation, Brunel University
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Wednesday 14 October 2020


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The United Kingdom and India have a long-standing trading relationship with current bilateral trade valued at more than £20.5 billion per year. India has been one of the fastest developing economies in the last 20 years and is considered an emerging superpower. Despite UK-India trade continuing to grow, Britain has slipped from India’s 2nd largest trading partner to 17th. In 2019 the Foreign Affairs Select Committee produced a report highlighting this drop and describing it as an “expensive missed opportunity”. As India continues to increase its global influence, and the UK restructures trading arrangements post-Brexit, how can the UK strengthen its historical economic ties with India?

This event will

  • Review strengths and barriers in the existing UK-Indian partnership, including government and business relationships.
  • Consider negotiation priorities for both nations ahead of trade deal discussions, including migration policy.
  • Explore the future strategic role of close economic relations with India.