Farming for the Future: Exploring the UK’s Agricultural Innovations | IPT
Chair: Julian Sturdy MP, Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Speaker: Sophie Throup, Agriculture Manager, Morrisons Plc
Speaker: Louis Wells, Solutions and Services Manager, Agricultural Solutions, BASF
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 22 January 2019


House of Commons

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The challenges facing farming today are more prominent now than ever, with population increases and climate change increasing uncertainty and volatility in the food supply chain. It is predicted that 60% more food will be needed worldwide by 2050, making the production of resilient and sustainable food a global priority. Last year, £90m government funding was announced, aiming to bring the UK’s world-class agri-food sector together with expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence and data science. With the UK home to a wealth of research and industries at the forefront of understanding crops and livestock, how can we improve resilience and productivity if our farmers are to remain profitable and competitive on the global stage?


This breakfast meeting will:

  • Explore innovations and technological advancements the UK agriculture industry is using to aid the sustainable supply of food for both the short and long term
  • Consider the data driven approaches UK farming systems require to be profitable, sustainable and competitive
  • Review the progress of the £160mn agri-tech strategy and the UK’s potential as a global leader in sustainable food production
  • Discuss the successes of the UK agricultural sector in meeting challenges by funding innovation projects/ transforming food production and meeting the growing demand.