Building Back Better: The UK’s Green Recovery | IPT
Chair: Jo Gideon MP, Team PPS to BEIS
Speaker: Emma Pinchbeck, CEO, Energy UK
Virtual Event


Wednesday 14 October 2020


This is an online event

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The Office for Economic Cooperation and Development has estimated that the UK economy will face a slump of 11.5% of national income because of the coronavirus pandemic. A report by the University of Oxford has shown evidence suggesting that green projects create more jobs, deliver higher short-term results and lead to increased long-term cost savings compared to traditional fiscal stimulus.  The Prime Minister has called for the UK to ‘build back better’ and invest in a ‘fairer, greener and more resilient global economy’ post COVID-19, with £3 billion committed to the Green Homes Grant. Nearly 200 companies have called on the Government to launch a green recovery plan, meanwhile the Environmental Justice Commission have called for an additional £30 billion a year spending in shovel-ready green projects to create jobs, energise the post-lockdown economy, and reach climate targets. As the UK looks to recover from the crisis, could a green recovery plan help rebalance and level up parts of the UK whilst tackling climate change?

This event will:

  • Discuss the possibility of job retraining packages to upskill in clean industries such as energy efficient building upgrades, carbon capture, and offshore wind technology.
  • Explore how direct investment can be generated for low carbon innovation, including regional clusters.
  • Examine how to award financial support to well managed and green friendly projects.