Boosting the UK's Biodiversity | IPT
Speaker: Mike Green, Agricultural Sustainability Manager - Agricultural Solutions, BASF plc
Speaker: Professor Mark Williams, Professor of Palaeobiology, University of Leicester
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Tuesday 21 July 2020


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As a requirement of the Biodiversity 2020 strategy, the Government reports annually on biodiversity indicators in the UK. In 2019 the National Capital Committee concluded that only half of habitats in the United Kingdom meet minimum quality targets and the Government is missing 14 out of 19 biodiversity targets. Despite this, the Biodiversity 2020 review found the UK to be showing improvements across several measures. The Government has made several announcements including the 25-Year Environment Plan pledge of reforming agriculture and fisheries management, restoring nature and reassessing land, river and sea use. In addition to committing to a new strategy to build on Biodiversity 2020, outlining coordination between government, external nature conservation and academic partners. With the UK committed to ‘leading by example’ in protecting and improving biodiversity, what issues will be crucial in the coming years? 

This event will: 

  • Consider how to approach changing pressures on the environment, including responding to new needs.
  • Discuss how requirements for biodiversity improvements could be integrated into planning policy.
  • Explore existing examples of high-quality biodiversity in farm and agricultural land and how these could provide a model for future projects.