February Fellowship Roundup | IPT

February Fellowship Roundup Draft

Throughout February we were able to organise various visits, giving parliamentarians the opportunity to engage with businesses to learn about and discuss present and future issues that affect industry.

Our visits are parliamentarian led and we aim to comprehensively cover all facets of UK industry. This month we explored outer space at Inmarsat, got a (quite literal) behind the scenes tour at the National Theatre and we also had visits interrogating issues around finance and sustainability.

Above and beyond: visit to Inmarsat on UK’s role in space

A cross-party group of parliamentarians attended a visit to Inmarsat’s London location. Inmarsat is a global mobile satellite communication business, delivering high-speed broadband connectivity on land, at sea and in the air. Receiving a tour of the control room and the inner workings of how they use their satellites to provide to their consumers followed by discussion on key issues in the industry such as the economy, national security, and global influence. This visit allowed parliamentarians to learn and discuss the industry to gain perspective on an increasingly prominent and important industry.

Read more in our blog post about the visit.

Behind the curtain: parliamentarians visit National Theatre

We had another cross-party visit to the National Theatre in London. During the visit parliamentarians were able to learn more about the work of the National Theatre and the contributions it makes towards the UK’s economy. Interactive visits such as this one give parliamentarians a chance to experience the industry through a first-hand experience that begins backstage and ends with the final production.

Read more in our blog post about the visit

Ruth Cadbury to UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks is a network operator for electricity that covers South East England, the East of England and London. They met with Ruth Cadbury, MP for Brentford and Isleworth, to learn about renewable energy generation, the connection of electric vehicle charging points and places like the Waterloo Bus Garage to the electricity network. During the visit they took an all-electric taxi to the Waterloo Bus Garage that is connected to the electricity network. As Ruth Cadbury is a member for the Select Committee on Transport, this industry visit allowed her to further her learning about the future of transport with electric energy.

Other Visits in February

  • Robert Courts MP visited Boeing
  • Chris Elmore MP visited Aberdeen Standard