From Crops to Kitchen: Nic Dakin Visits Biomethane Plant | IPT

On Thursday 21st March the Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) organised a visit for Nic Dakin MP to visit an environmentally-friendly biomethane plant in his Scunthorpe consistency. The visit was part of his IPT fellowship where he is focusing on the UK energy sector.

During a tour of the plant Nic witnessed first-hand the process in which locally grown crops are converted into environmentally-friendly biomethane using anaerobic digesters. These digesters wittily nicknamed ‘concrete cows’, ferment the crops into a liquid which produces gas. The gas can be used in the local domestic gas network to heat homes and businesses just like natural gas.

Nic, a member of the APPGs for Energy Intensive Industries and Bioethanol, has an interest in energy and the move away from fossil fuels to alternative low-carbon energies. This visit follows one to Cadent’s plant in Hinkley, where he learnt about the nuts and bolts of transferring gas from coastal terminals to houses.

Visits like this provides MPs with a unique insight into what is happening in their constituencies.  Finding out about businesses that are contributing to the local economy and, in this case, witness an operation that provides vital services such as the of heating homes.

As the chair of the APPG for Skills and Employment, Nic Dakin was pleased to be able to meet with some of Cadent’s apprentices and graduates and hear of their experiences.