IPT visits creative technology companies with the Advertising Association in June 2018 | IPT

On Thursday 14 June 2018, the Industry and Parliament Trust, in partnership with the Advertising Association, was delighted to lead a cross-party delegation of parliamentarians to visit three creative technology companies in London. 13 parliamentarians from the House of Commons and House of Lords learned about the role that the advertising industry plays in the wider creative industries ecosystem and how it contributes to the UK economy.

The first company the group visited was Primesight. Primesight focuses on outdoor advertising, primarily billboards. Parliamentarians learned about the future trends for outdoor advertising and technological innovations.

Next up was The Mill, a visual effects company founded in 1990. The discussion focused around skills and their initiatives to improve industry access for young people, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds. A highlight of the visit to the Mill was the opportunity for parliamentarians to try out the latest innovations in animation technology.

Finally, the parliamentarians visited Mindshare, a global media agency. Here, they gained insights into how the advertising industry increasingly relies on technological and data skills to plan advertising strategies. They also learned about the opportunities and challenges for the industry, particularly issues relating to talent, skills, and diversity.

Commenting on the visit, Lord Craig of Radley GCB OBE said:

“Thank you for arranging such an interesting and informative visit. A fascinating insight into one major aspect of ‘engaging with the public’ and how the advertising and media industry set about covering this in both traditional and innovative ways.”

The Rt Hon. the Lord McNally also commented:

“Congratulations on a well organised and extremely stimulating visit to the creative technology companies. I thoroughly enjoyed three superb presentations with each visit dealing with a different aspect of this dynamic industry.”