Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP: Sustainability | IPT

Rt Hon Dame Caroline Spelman DBE MP commenced her Fellowship in 2013 focusing on sustainability across British industry. Caroline’s motivation for sustainability as a theme stemmed from the integral role she played for the UK, leading discussions at the Rio 20+ United Nations conference on sustainable development.

Caroline was able to see how different industries are tackling the issue of sustainability. She found that there are “sustainability champions” across many different sectors which prove it is possible for every company to become more sustainable.

“I have found my Fellowship with the IPT hugely rewarding, giving me an invaluable insight across an exciting scope of key businesses looking towards a sustainable future.”

Having a sustainable business plan is no longer a choice if we are to prevent social and environmental damage across the world.

A Fellowship like Caroline’s enables parliamentarians to understand how businesses are striving to become more sustainable in their operations, and learn more about how industry is educating the next generation in the sustainable challenge.