RT Hon The Baroness Morgan of Cotes: Manufacturing and Skills | IPT

Rt Hon The Baroness Morgan of Cotes completed her Fellowship in 2012 whilst in her position at the time as Economic Secretary to the Treasury, and whilst she was a sitting MP. Nicky challenged the notion that Britain no longer manufactures and focused her Fellowship on access to finance and skills. At a time when the Government was trying to re-balance the British economy to show that we do make things in Britain, Nicky was keen to see what our manufacturing base looks like.

“My Fellowship has been truly enlightening and if someone says ‘Britain doesn’t make anything anymore’, I can now confidently say in the House of Commons or outside that this is just not true based on my constituency businesses and everyone I met during my IPT Fellowship.”

Britain was once the “Workshop of the World,” especially so in the Midlands. However UK manufacturing has evolved into a hi-tech, hi-skill sector.

A Fellowship like Nicky’s enables parliamentarians to understand how the UK has modernised it’s manufacturing sector to become a world leader in hi-tech manufacturing and production, and explore the kind of skills needed to ensure this sector thrives.