Ian Liddell-Grainger MP: Energy | IPT

Ian Liddell Grainger MP set out on his Fellowship to increase his knowledge of the UK energy sector, to find out more about the future of the industry as well as the way in which technology is creating opportunities. Ian successfully completed his Fellowship in 2017 after spending time with energy giants Total, Drax and South Hook Gas.

Through his Fellowship, Ian looked at all aspects of the energy sector including energy trading, the offshore industry, research and development into new technologies, oil and gas, renewables, nuclear, mining and carbon alternatives. This aided him in his role as Chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Energy Studies.

In 2015, the energy industry invested £18bn in generation, distribution, metering and customer services. This equates to 14% of all private sector investment in the UK, more than almost any other commercial sector. The industry also contributes £87bn to the economy annually.

A Fellowship programme like Ian’s enables parliamentarians to gain an insight into one of the UK’s largest sectors as well as understand the challenges and opportunities it is facing in a modern and increasingly global economy.