Baroness Prosser OBE: Manufacturing | IPT

Baroness Prosser OBE completed her Fellowship in 2015 focusing on manufacturing, with an emphasis on skills, employment and hi-tech manufacturing in the retail and fashion sectors.

Modern manufacturing is a world removed from manufacturing 20 years ago. Through her Fellowship, Baroness Prosser learnt about new demands, challenges and opportunities faced in modern manufacturing, something Jeremy Vine interviewed her about on BBC Radio 2 during her Fellowship.

“Throughout my Fellowship I have visited a wide range of organisations and I’m extremely grateful to the IPT for facilitating such a well-planned and diverse programme.”

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of the UK economy. Modern manufacturing represents a hi-tech, new industry, with UK manufactured goods contributing £150bn to the UK’s gross domestic product.

A Fellowship like Baroness Prosser’s enables parliamentarians to explore an industry which supports over 2.6mn people in the UK and drives 69% of UK research and development.