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The Industry and Parliament Trust Fellowship Programmes are designed to provide MPs, Peers and senior parliamentary staff with a unique insight into business and industry. 

The IPT has a range of Fellowship programmes which provide parliamentarians with a valuable opportunity to engage directly with businesses and experience the issues that they face first-hand. The IPT works with around 200 organisations based across the UK, ranging from FTSE 100 companies through to SMEs across a wide variety of sectors – from energy, manufacturing and aerospace to financial services, health and the media. 

Each Fellowship is bespoke and designed entirely around the parliamentarian’s interests and objectives. To date, over 600 parliamentarians have benefited from a Fellowship exploring issues that affect business across the UK, including topics such as skills, sustainable supply chains and corporate social responsibility.

We offer a wide range of different programmes to meet parliamentarians' needs.

Full Fellowship

Full Fellowships consist of 12 days of placements with a number of organisations over 18-24 months. Focusing on one sector or theme, the programme is designed to provide an entry level introduction to business and the challenges and opportunities it is facing. Placements usually consist of a range of senior board meetings, site visits and on-the-job training.

Postgraduate Fellowship

Postgraduate Fellowships consist of five to 10 days of placements over 12-18 months. Postgraduate Fellowships are available for anyone who has already completed a Full Fellowship programme and are designed to build upon the knowledge and experience gained during the Full Fellowship. 

Courts and Tribunals Fellowship programme

The Courts and Tribunals Fellowship Scheme consists of three visits over six months and offers a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the legal procedure in England and Wales, either as a standalone scheme or as part of a Full Fellowship programme.

Industry Visits

The Industry Visits programme is a series of stand-alone visits for cross-party groups of parliamentarians in order to provide them with a first-hand insight into a specific UK business.

Why take part?


The IPT is embedded into Parliament and provides a safe space for parliamentarians to engage with industry in an organised, constructive and educational environment. 


Hosting an IPT Fellow is an excellent way to foster a deeper understanding of UK industry in Parliament. Through our Fellowship programmes, host organisations have an opportunity to engage with parliamentarians in a constructive non-lobbying framework, and to learn about the political process from those who are at the heart of it. 


The Fellowship Team

For more information on the IPT Fellowship Programme please contact a member of the Fellowship team:

Sam Trendall 

Parliamentary Affairs Manager

+44 (020) 7839 9412


Ben Jones

Parliamentary Affairs Officer

+44 (0)20 7839 9405