The Ties That Bind: Delivering Fairness Across Generations | IPT
Chair: John Stevenson MP, Chair, Inheritance and Intergenerational Fairness APPG
Speaker: Dr James Brown, Director of Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing, Aston University
Speaker: Tony Mudd, Divisional Director, St James's Place Wealth Management
Breakfast Meeting


Wednesday 04 March 2020


House of Commons

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Intergenerational fairness has been identified by the Cabinet Office as “one of the key challenges of our time” and spreads across several policy areas. According to the Social Market Foundation’s 2018 research, 27% of parents with adult children provide them with regular day-to-day financial help and millennials are also half as likely to own their own home by 30 compared to previous generations. Older generations also play significant roles in social care with grandparents providing at least some care for 42% of families, rising to 71% where the mother is in employment or studying. However, age segregation across the UK has increased, with rural areas ageing nearly twice as rapidly as their urban counterparts in the last 25 years. Rates of loneliness have increased across all age groups but have been felt most sharply by younger and older generations. How can generational economic and social challenges be addressed to ensure a positive relationship between generations in the UK?

This breakfast meeting will:

  • Consider the role of age diverse communities in reviving intergenerational connection including helping tackle skills, care and housing issues
  • Discuss how generational wealth inequalities are reflected by declining home ownership amongst young people and potential solutions
  • Explore how government and business can work together to tackle loneliness in the UK