The Future of Gas: Supporting a Low Carbon Economy | IPT
Chair: Ian Liddell-Grainger MP, Select Committee on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Speaker: Mike Sangster, UK Chair, Total
Dinner Discussion


Monday 04 March 2019


House of Commons

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The oil and gas industry are well-established in the UK, providing 72% of the UK’s total primary energy per year. Just over one third of the UKs total gas is used for domestic heating, and just under one third for electricity generation. While the 2050 Climate Change targets remain a top priority, a secure supply at the lowest cost must also be maintained. The Government’s Clean Growth Strategy explored the decarbonisation of heat while articulating that innovation was the key to future progress. Decarbonisation therefore provides the UK with an exciting opportunity to lead the world in innovation and pioneer a whole energy system approach. As the UK continues to work towards its carbon budgets, what are the key actions needed from government, regulators and industry to ensure gas can fully provide secure, affordable and low carbon energy in a low carbon economy?


This dinner discussion will:

  • Review the progress of a sector deal for the oil and gas industry
  • Explore the importance of making use of existing infrastructure to keep consumer costs low in the transition
  • Consider the development of low carbon gas supply chains to meet continued gas demand in the UK
  • Discuss the interactions decarbonising gas creates between other sectors, such as heat, transport, industry and electricity generation
  • Examine how the UK can provide world leadership in technology, infrastructure and expertise in new areas such hydrogen and biogases, carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) and decarbonised heat.