T-Levels and the Future of Vocational Training | IPT
Speaker: Patrick Craven, Director of Policy, Research and Compliance, City and Guilds
Speaker: Professor Geoff Rodgers, Vice-Provost (Research), Brunel University
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 21 January 2020


House of Commons

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The first three T-Level courses will be taught from September 2020, with an additional seven to be rolled out in 2021. A total of 25 different T-Level courses will be available for study by 2023. The aim is for T-Levels to become one of the major choices for students post-GCSEs alongside apprenticeships and A-Levels with the hope of emulating the success of the German vocational model. T-Levels will consist of a mixture of classroom learning and on-the-job experience including industrial placements. With more than 50% of young people now attending university, how can T-Levels be successfully rolled out to provide a high-quality vocational education that support high-skilled jobs?

This breakfast meeting will:

  • Consider public awareness of T-Levels and how to ensure they are a known option
  • Discuss the role T-Levels can play in producing a highly skilled workforce to complement widespread and fast-moving innovation
  • Examine the importance of industrial placements, including the participation of SMEs and engagement of businesses in helping to lead their development