Supporting High Value Manufacturing in the UK | IPT
Chair: Judith Cummins MP, Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee
Speaker: Professor Claudio Paoloni, Head of Engineering Department, Lancaster University
Speaker: Paul McKinlay, Senior Vice-President, UK, Airbus
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Tuesday 20 October 2020


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In April 2020, the United Kingdom's manufacturing sector activity suffered a record drop. The sector was hit by a storm of company closures, weak global demand, lockdowns and social distancing measures. According to a report by Irwin Mitchell and the Centre for Economic and Business Research, UK manufacturing gross value added fell by 75% a day, a loss of £540 million in absolute terms. MakeUK has forecast that manufacturing will not recover to pre-COVID-19 growth levels until 2022 and a possible loss of £35.7 billion in Gross Added Value in 2020. As the UK seeks to recover from the impact of COVID-19, the introduction of new technologies, such as robotics, big data and analytics, has the potential to increase productivity, competitiveness and growth in the sector. With changes in the UK’s trading relationships, how can UK manufacturing retain competitive advantage in the delivery of high value-added products, build exports and manage the evolving technological landscape?

This event will:

  • Explore the potential of new technologies to enable greater localised and eco-friendly production in UK manufacturing
  • Discuss how to support and equip the current and future workforce, including the development of High Technical Qualifications and National Standards and a potential National Skills Task Force
  • Consider how to boost exports post-Brexit, including how to assist SMEs access industry scale facilities