Supercharging the UK’s Offshore Wind Sector | IPT
Chair: Peter Aldous MP, House of Commons
Speaker: Richard Crossick, Public Affairs Manager, Ørsted
Speaker: Professor Martin Foster, Professor of Energy Storage and Conversion
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 09 July 2019


House of Commons

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In 2018 the United Kingdom installed record levels of offshore wind capacity, providing more than 2 gigawatts worth of capacity, meanwhile the sector has seen improvements in technology and decreasing costs in the last two years. The recently announced Offshore Wind Sector Deal aims for the sector to provide a third of the UK’s energy need by 2030. A £250 million investment into an Offshore Wind Growth Partnership will aim to support the UK supply chain to become more competitive and build the export market, with the sector predicted to triple the number of highly skilled jobs to 27,000. What steps can be taken to support the role of offshore wind in the UK’s low carbon energy future, and can become an export success story?


This breakfast meeting will:

  • Discuss how to scale up participation in the sector and support new entrants, including building a robust supply chain
  • Explore the skills required to ensure a sufficiently qualified workforce, including the role of regional clusters and AI capabilities
  • Consider how to effectively deploy increased wind power generation into the electricity grid
  • Examine how offshore wind could revitalise coastal communities.