Skills for the Future in a Fourth Industrial Revolution | IPT
Chair: Ian Mearns MP, Select Committee on Education
Speaker: Nigel Whitehead, Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems
Dinner Discussion


Tuesday 05 March 2019


House of Lords

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution has been characterised by the emergence of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and the internet of things. These innovations are expected to significantly impact both business productivity and the labour market, with low and medium skilled jobs most at risk. Up to 28% of jobs occupied by 16 to 24-year olds are likely to be at risk of automation by the 2030s. As the world of work continues to change, ensuring our education and training has adapted in time is vital if the workforce of tomorrow is to have the required set of skills. Therefore, how can UK Government and industry prepare young people to take advantage of future opportunities in a Fourth Industrial Revolution?


This dinner discussion will:

  • Review the suitability of school curriculums to prepare young people with the required skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Consider the benefits and challenges of increased automation and smart technology implementation across UK industries
  • Review the role UK apprenticeships will play in this revolution and whether they are fit to provide the necessary skills of the future.