Reinvigorating London Post-COVID | IPT
Chair: Nickie Aiken MP,
Speaker: Catherine McGuinness, Chair of Policy and Resources Committee, City of London Corporation
Virtual Event


Wednesday 02 June 2021


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London contains 13% of the national population but is responsible for 23% of the UK economy. In 2016/17 the capital contributed £32.6bn more to the national purse than it received. However, it has been heavily impacted by the pandemic seeing the largest drop-in business activity across the UK with over 80% of hotel and food services businesses and 27% of retail businesses closing or pausing trading in the early months of lockdown. Prior to the pandemic nearly 500,000 people travelled to work in the Square Mile financial district alone. Figures show that 50% of Londoners used public transport to get around pre-pandemic. London rates as the third best city for urban mobility and TfL predicts a ten-fold rise in bike travel post-pandemic. There have been investments of £250 million into emergency travel funding to increase space for pedestrians and encourage cycling. Meanwhile the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone, introduced in 2019, has resulted in a 20% decrease in fossil fuel emissions in central London. How can collaboration, innovation and sustainability be enhanced to ensure London’s future success? 


This event will: 

·       Consider how to curate innovation within the capital 

·       Explore how to enable businesses of all sizes to flourish 

·       Discuss how to open London’s opportunities to all 

·       Examine how to invest in sustainable infrastructure