Regenerating the UK’s Urban Environments | IPT
Chair: Abena Oppong-Asare MP, DCLG Select Committee & PPS to Shadow Chancellor
Speaker: Professor Loretta Lees, Professor of Human Geography, University of Leicester
Speaker: Melanie Leech CBE, Chief Executive, British Property Federation
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Wednesday 09 September 2020


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Urban regeneration is intended to tackle physical, economic and social decline in cities and towns through improving the area’s local economy and infrastructure. Since the start of the 21st century the population of many UK towns and cities have doubled in size. In response, many of the UK’s big regional cities have engaged in projects to accommodate growth into peripheral areas and attract new investment, making use of multi-use regeneration projects of derelict buildings. The Prime Minister has announced reforms that will allow buildings to change use without planning permission, such as turning vacant shops into residential properties. The Government has also announced plans to make brownfield development easier as part of its investment in infrastructure spending post-COVID. With regeneration providing cities and towns an opportunity to modernise, attract new investment and meet the needs of growing populations, how can it be used to support improved social and economic outcomes for residents and businesses? 

This breakfast meeting will:

  • Explore how regeneration projects can drive investment to help revitalise cities and towns, including through the City Deals model.
  • Discuss how projects could be utilised to create new skill and investment bases within cities and towns.
  • Explore how businesses and authorities, both local and national, can work together to ensure stakeholders are able to participate in regenerations projects.