Reaching Net Zero: The Role for Consumers | IPT
Chair: Liz Twist MP, Senior Opposition Whip
Speaker: Professor James Fitchett, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research, University of Leicester
Speaker: Dan Brooke, Chief Executive, Smart Energy GB
Virtual Event


Wednesday 03 February 2021


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The UK’s target to meet net zero by 2050 requires action across all sectors of industry but perhaps most importantly, engaging consumers to change their behaviour and commit to playing their part in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One key area that needs significant change is energy in the home. Retailers play a role by developing new products and services to encourage and make it easy for consumers to be more sustainable. The role out of smart technology has enabled some customers to heat their homes more efficiently but there can still be a lack of incentive for people to swap from their current tariff. Currently, low-carbon electricity prices are much more expensive as tax and regulatory costs falls more heavily on these by 17.45% compared to 1.8% on fossil fuel gas. What role can changing consumer behaviour play in helping the UK reduce reliance on non-green energy sources? 

This event will:  

  • Consider the use of testing to explore how to encourage uptake and engagement with more sustainable products. 
  • Discuss the role of transparent marketing to provide consumers with clear information regarding emissions and the threat of greenwashing on the trust of consumers. 
  • Assess how the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic could both help and hinder progress towards net zero targets.