Productivity and Skills in a Modern Economy | IPT
Chair: Rt Hon Lord Whitty, House of Lords
Speaker: Professor Ben Clegg, Head of Operations and Information Management Department, Aston University Business School
Speaker: James Selka, Chief Executive Officer, The Manufacturing Technologies Association
Breakfast Meeting


Wednesday 29 January 2020


House of Commons

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Productivity in the UK fell at its fastest annual pace in five years in the April-June quarter of 2019, part of what Andy Haldane called a ‘lost decade of productivity in the UK’. Some northern English towns are among the least productive places in Europe, whilst parts of London are among the most productive. The Government has made increasing productivity a key priority of the Industrial Strategy, creating the Industrial Strategy Council to advise the Government on industrial policy. Studies have found that the UK’s plethora of SME and micro-businesses could boost the economy by £16.6 billion with greater adoption of key digital technologies. With average pay remaining below pre-financial crisis peak after inflation, how can productivity be improved and help unlock other potential economic gains?

This breakfast meeting will:

  • Discuss the role of digitization in potentially boosting productivity, including artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things
  • Consider how to boost leadership and managerial skills to boost best practice across the United Kingdom
  • Explore the role of lifelong learning and upskilling among employees and ways to rebalance productivity across the regions