Making the UK A Battery Power | IPT
Chair: Bim Afolami MP,, Chair, Renewable and Sustainable Energy All-Party Parliamentary Group
Speaker: Professor David Greenwood, Chief Executive Officer, WMG High Value Manufacturing Catapult, University of Warwick
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Tuesday 23 March 2021


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Electrification of numerous sectors, from road and aero transport to power generation and distribution, is a crucial part of the transition to net zero. However, the UK has a less than 1% global share of the lithium-ion battery market, which is dominated by Chinese companies, Tesla, and Panasonic. 475 megawatts of battery stored power was used to restore electricity to a million homes during a power cut in 2020. By 2030 the UK lithium-ion battery market could be worth $6bn per year and by 2040 battery manufacturing capacity could provide 140GW h, equivalent to 12% of projected European battery power. The Faraday Institution estimates that eight Gigafactories will be needed in the UK with a single factory having the potential to directly support up 3,000 jobs and indirectly support a further 7,000. Lithium itself has been designed as a metal of strategic importance by the UK Government and early mining exploration in Cornwall uncovered the potential to mine up to 20,000 tonnes each year, enough to power 350,000 electric vehicles. Whilst there is an agreement to explore the construction of the UK’s first Gigafactory, the UK is lagging behind other countries in progression. How can the UK ensure that it doesn’t get left behind? 

This event will:

  • Examine how to ensure competitive Gigafactories are built in the UK.
  • Consider how to develop whole-life strategies including recycling and reuse.
  • Explore how the UK can better commercialise research innovations and scale them quickly.