Life Sciences: A Golden Age of Innovation? | IPT
Speaker: Dr Mark Toms, Chief Sciences Officer, UK, Novartis
Speaker: Professor Anna Hine, Associate Dean of Enterprise, Aston School of Life and Health Sciences
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 09 June 2020


House of Commons

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The UK is home to some of the most successful global life sciences companies and is considered a vibrant site for new businesses.  The sector generates turnover of £73 billion and supports over 450,000 jobs, two-thirds of which are outside London and the South East. 42% of companies are spinouts of academic institutions, having received innovation grants. Through the Life Science Industrial Strategy and two Sector Deals the Government has worked with the sector to set out an ambitious vision to accelerate investment, create new companies and pioneer new technologies such as AI and genetics. With the sector growing in importance, how can industry and government work together to build a world class, innovative life sciences future?


This breakfast meeting will:

  • Discuss how to keep the UK sector competitive with global clusters such as those in California and Massachusetts
  • Consider how to achieve the 2.4% research and development target in the sector deal
  • Explore what partnerships are needed between industry, the government and the NHS to improve the development and adoption of innovation