Keeping the Economy Moving: Rethinking Supply Chains Post-Brexit and COVID-19 | IPT
Chair: Mark Pawsey MP, Select Committee on Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Speaker: Professor Dobrila Petrovic, Professor, Institute for Future Transport and Cities, Coventry University
Speaker: Phil Roe, Chief Customer Officer & Strategy Director, UK & Ireland, DHL
Virtual Event


Wednesday 16 September 2020


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The coronavirus pandemic has exposed the fragile aspects of modern supply chains, with many relying on low to zero friction ‘just in time’ networks, reducing the need to store excess materials. The European Union currently accounts for 54% of all goods imported into the UK and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply estimated prior to COVID-19 that customs delays could bankrupt 10% of UK businesses with EU suppliers. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to supply chains, inhibiting some and forcing others to stop entirely. The Office for Budget Responsibility estimated that 55% of UK manufacturing output would be lost in the second quarter of 2020 due to lockdown, compared with a 35% reduction for the whole economy. Internationally, France, Germany and the United States have ordered reviews into ‘over-dependence’ on overseas suppliers. In light of the upcoming changes from Brexit, and the impact of COVID-19, what steps can be taken to assure the resilience and agility of future supply chains?

This breakfast meeting will:

  • Consider potential growth in local or regional supply chains to decentralised networks, alongside the environmental advantages and reshoring opportunities.
  • Discuss the impact of Brexit and COVID-19 on existing supply chains and opportunities and challenges to reconfigure. 
  • Examine the role of new technologies such as blockchain, AI, automation and 5G, in building responsive networks for the future.