Hydrogen: Fuelling the Future? | IPT
Chair: Jacob Young MP, Chair, Hydrogen All-Party Parliamentary Group
Speaker: Dr Angela Needle, Director of Strategy, Cadent
Speaker: Professor Harry Hoster, Director of Energy Lancaster, Lancaster University
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Tuesday 19 January 2021


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In 2020, a UK Hydrogen Taskforce backed by 10 major energy companies was launched with the aim to secure investment and support for hydrogen in the UK, enabling the country to become a world-leader in hydrogen. The future hydrogen and equipment markets are estimated to be worth £2 trillion globally by 2050. Hydrogen has the potential to deliver deep decarbonisation, reduce the cost of renewable power and balance energy supply and demand. Its use in transport including cars, trains and buses can significantly improve air quality and reduce emissions, contributing to the net zero by 2050 target. The Taskforce has called for the Government to put hydrogen at the heart of the green recovery. They estimate that scaling up the UK’s approach could be worth £18bn and create 75,000 jobs by 2035. With the Government investing £70m in two of Europe’s low carbon hydrogen production plants, could hydrogen be the fuel of the future? 

This event will: 

  • Consider the benefits of hydrogen opposed to other forms of future fuels such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and biofuel 
  • Discuss the role of the Government in supporting hydrogen production, storage and distribution projects.
  • Examine the infrastructure needed to establish the roll-out of hydrogen powered transport, including the role of offshore wind infrastructure to create electricity.