Creating Low-Carbon Clusters to Tackle Climate Change | IPT
Speaker: Stephen Marcos Jones, Director General, UKPIA
Speaker: Professor Jan Godsell, Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Strategy, University of Warwick
Dinner Discussion


Monday 02 March 2020


House of Commons

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Industrial clusters are hubs of local economic activity that seek to integrate adjacent industries, operations and business models in order to improve energy efficiency, produce lower carbon products and technology and decarbonise operations. Clusters currently support around 1.5 million jobs and export goods and services worth £320 billion. Industry accounts for roughly one-quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, with more than two-thirds coming from a small number of energy intensive industries. One of the Grand Challenges in the Government’s Industrial Strategy is the Industrial Clusters mission. It aims to create a net-zero carbon cluster by 2040 and at least one low-carbon cluster by 2030. As the UK seeks to decarbonise, how can businesses work together to make this a reality?

This dinner discussion will:

  • Discuss the requirements for success, including considering infrastructure, supply chain and available skills
  • Consider what role the Government has to play in supporting industrial clusters through specialised training, information, research and technical support
  • Review the potential difficulties in integrating different businesses