Closing the UK's Infrastructure Gap | IPT
Chair: Bridget Phillipson MP, Public Accounts Committee
Speaker: John Williams, Managing Director, Bechtel Infrastructure
Speaker: John Pelton MBE, Programme Director, Jacobs
Dinner Discussion


Monday 28 October 2019


House of Commons

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Government estimates propose that almost £500 billion is required to bridge the infrastructure funding gap resulting from upgrades required to meet present and future demands. The Government has committed £100 billion in infrastructure projects spending as part of the National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021. However, in recent months several major infrastructure projects have been the subject of scrutiny for delays and inefficient practises. With many more projects planned in the years to come, such as upgrades to the North of England’s transport network, what steps can be taken to ensure such projects deliver value for money? This dinner discussion will:

  • Examine on-going large infrastructure projects and ask what can be learned from these experiences?
  • Explore the National Infrastructure assessment’s recommendation to create a dedicated UK infrastructure finance institution post-Brexit
  • Discuss infrastructure spending across the UK’s regions and possible areas to focus investment