Tackling Fraud: Supporting UK Business | IPT
Speaker: Commander Peter O'Doherty, National Police Co-ordinator for Economic Crime
Breakfast Meeting


Wednesday 04 July 2018


House of Commons

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The 2017 Annual Fraud Indicator identified that fraud costs the UK economy £190bn a year. The private sector has been under the biggest attack from fraudsters, with both SMEs and large enterprises losing an estimated total of £144bn a year. While the Home Office cannot solve the problem of fraud alone, it remains the only body that can provide strategic national leadership and in 2017 launched the National Economic Crime Centre (NECC) to help in tackling the big fraud issues that are considered too difficult for a single organisation to manage alone. With UK fraud last year hitting its highest level in 15 years, how can the Government, business and charities continue to strive to protect and secure individuals and organisations from fraudulent activity?


This Breakfast Meeting will:


  • Explore the systematic vulnerabilities and strengths and weaknesses of different sectors in tackling fraud
  • Consider the corporate liability for failure to prevent economic crime
  • Discuss how the Government, industry and police are working together, through organisations such as the NECC, to prevent and manage various types of fraud for businesses and the general public.