Solving the UK’s Skills Gap: Exploring Different Approaches | IPT
Speaker: Henry Colthurst, Chairman, City Corporation Education Board
Dinner Discussion


Monday 18 June 2018


House of Lords

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One of the biggest challenges facing many businesses and the UK economy is the threat of skills shortages Post-Brexit, with a quarter of UK businesses concerned that the UK is not prepared to compete on the global stage due to a skills gap. Failure to address the lack of skills in the UK workforce could cost the country £90bn a year according to new research by the Local Government Association. The investment in skills by UK employers and the government has a key part to play in inspiring young people and providing them with the opportunities they need to succeed through education, employment and training. However, what and how are the various institutions and initiatives working together to fill this gap?


This Dinner Discussion will:

  • Discuss what challenges lie ahead in working to fill a UK skills gap, particularly around digital and tech skills
  • Review the progress of the Government’s initiatives to tackle a  skills gap, such as the Institute for apprenticeships, T-levels, degree apprenticeships, maintenance grants, industry work placements, internships, the creation of STEMNET and other national campaigns
  • Explore the types of approaches businesses can adopt and support to stimulate upskilling
  • Consider how universities in the UK are working to attract and upskill the future workforce, such as elevating technical education to the same status as an academic route.