Smart Energy for a Smarter Future | IPT
Chair: Alex Sobel MP, Select Committee on Environmental Audit
Speaker: Robert Cheesewright, Director of Policy and Communications, Smart Energy GB
Breakfast Meeting


Tuesday 10 July 2018


House of Commons

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The energy sector is experiencing a digital revolution which is not only transforming the way energy is generated, but also the decentralisation of energy along with consumer power and experience of buying and using it. Smart meters have been one example of this revolution and so far over 10m have been installed in homes across Great Britain, with 82% of these people now having a better idea of their energy spending and taking steps to reduce energy waste. As this revolution in the energy sector and the associated services to support it develops, how will smart technology be used to safely advance the UK’s smart energy future?

This Breakfast Meeting will:

  • Review how smarter energy systems and technology are being used to transform the way people in the UK buy and use energy and what future opportunities lie ahead
  • Consider risks that smart technology solutions can generate, such as data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Discuss the role of smart technology and lifestyle service companies in providing new ways to deliver energy services in the future
  • Explore how the UK can re-skill and support learning curves fast enough for the digital pace of change.