Nic Dakin MP Gets Underway at AB Ports | IPT

MP for Scunthorpe, Nic Dakin, continued his Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) Fellowship* with a visit to Associated British Ports in Hull on Thursday 14 December. The visit gave Nic insight into ABP to port operations and an overview of the forthcoming challenges that Britain’s largest port operator faces. 

Nic’s visit took place as part of his IPT Fellowship focusing on the Energy, Financial Services, Aerospace and Defence sectors. Nic is keen to improve his understanding about the energy and renewables sector. 

The Port of Hull is home to the UK's first fully-enclosed cargo-handling facility for weather-sensitive cargoes such as steel. The site in Hull specialises in handling forest products and a range of bulk commodities, as well as containers, ferry travel and ro-ro. It is also the focus of the Humber’s increasing renewable energy sector and softwood timber port. The Port is part of the four ports of the Humber which are managed in effect as one port by ABP and together make the busiest shipping complex in the UK. 

During the visit, Nic met Simon Bird, Director Humber, who discussed the ideas behind the £310m Green Port Hull development, wind turbine blade manufacturing product assembly and servicing the facility with Siemens. The new development offers offshore wind as well as other biofuels, waste to energy, solar, wave and tidal power generation. Nic was then taken on a tour of the port where he was able to see first-hand how the port operates on a day-to-day basis. 

Nic’s IPT Fellowship is helping him to gain an increased understanding across a range of UK industry sectors; exploring issues and challenges regarding skills, employment and training. This supports his work as the Chair of All-Party Parliamentary Group on Skills and Employment. 

Commenting on the visit Nic Dakin MP said: 
“My visit to Hull has been fascinating and has provided me with a good understanding of the ABP network. It was interesting to gain insight into their renewables and in particular their Green Port development. I would like to thank AB Ports and the IPT for organising such an insightful day.” 

Simon Bird, ABP Director Humber added:
“I am delighted that Mr Dakin found his visit to Hull so helpful and was able to learn more about the ABP network and the UK Port industry. The Humber ports support 23,000 jobs and together The Port is part of the four ports of the Humber which are managed in effect as one port by ABP and together make the busiest shipping complex in the UK; it’s vital that we maintain showcase our work to parliamentarians in order to bridge the gap between industry and parliament. We look forward to welcoming other Fellows on the IPT Fellowship Scheme in the future.”


Notes to Editors
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*IPT Fellowships are educational, non-lobbying attachments for parliamentarians, providing a unique perspective of the challenges and issues facing UK industry. Fellowships can take place in a range of organisations, from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs and voluntary organisations.