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Susan Elan Jones MP Visits Nationwide

Susan Elan Jones, Member of Parliament for Clwyd South, visited Nationwide on Friday 18 August as part of her Industry and Parliament Trust (IPT) Fellowship* focusing on banking and the financial sector. 

Nationwide is the world’s largest building society and the UK’s second largest mortgage provider.. With around 15m members, around 700 branches across the UK and around 18,000 staff, Nationwide was recently awarded the Which? Banking Brand of the Year 2017 award. 

Susan’s visit began in Nationwide’s Threadneedle Street branch in London where Susan gained a first-hand insight into the investment which Nationwide is making into their branches. Susan also found out about Nationwide NOW which is available in nearly 500 branches and uses high definition video call technology to provide customers with financial help and advice. 

Susan also received a briefing on Nationwide’s first community branch in Glastonbury. The branch was opened in 2017 with community support and is designed around the community’s specific needs. 

Susan’s IPT Fellowship is helping her to gain a greater understanding of the banking sector and the issues which influence local banking decisions. 

Commenting on the visit Susan Elan Jones MP said: 

“My visit to Nationwide today was absolutely fascinating. While many financial institutions are closing local branches, it was fantastic to hear about Nationwide’s innovative approach to investing in its branches and supporting the communities it works in. It was also fascinating to see first-hand how Nationwide NOW is improving the customer experience and providing customers with the crucial financial help and advice they need.”

Patricia Foley, Senior Branch Manager at Nationwide added: 

“I was delighted to host Susan at our Threadneedle street branch this afternoon. Susan is extremely passionate about local banking facilities and I am pleased that through her Fellowship visit we were able to demonstrate Nationwide’s ongoing commitment to the local communities in which we operate. I am grateful to the Industry and Parliament Trust for facilitating this visit and the work they do in bridging the gap between Parliament and business.”


Notes to Editors
*IPT Fellowships are educational, non-lobbying attachments for parliamentarians, providing a unique perspective of the challenges and issues facing UK industry. Fellowships can take place in a range of organisations, from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs and voluntary organisations.

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Fellowships are bespoke placements in industry for MPs, MEPs and peers structured around a set of learning objectives dictated by each parliamentarian at the beginning of their programme. Fellowships are non-lobbying, non-partisan and educational in ethos and are supported across Parliament. There are currently over 70 parliamentarians undertaking a Fellowship. There have been over 500 Fellows since the IPT was founded in 1977.